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The services listed here are either TIH compliant or working towards becoming compliant. You will need to be a member of the TIH Community and logged in to view the details of the service listed here. To join the TIH Community, simply click here - membership is free. Click here for a sample of showcase services without logging in.

Public Sector TIH Publishers

BBC Traffic and Travel Information Road traffic messages and public transport information encoded as tpegML

Elgin – Electronic Local Government Information Network Elgin is an e-Government website providing an up-to-date interactive map of current and planned roadworks. It is also an extranet portal for local authorities to share highways asset and operational information.

HALOGEN Information Services (OTAP, DATEX II, CORBA) HALOGEN is the central service for logging operational data from Highways England Traffic Management System’s (HATMS). Each motorway signal, sign or telephone equipment records every setting, state change and fault as data logged to the HALOGEN system.

Mattisse Traffic and Travel for the Midlands area of the UK

National Traffic Information Service Data Services providing information on Highways England’s motorway and principal road network in England using both XML and CORBA services.

Traffic Scotland DATEX II information from the Traffic Scotland System. Includes real-time information entered by Traffic Scotland Operators, from roadside detectors, VMS, the Traffic Scotland Journey Time System and various other related systems.

Traffic Wales OTAP information for the Welsh motorway network. Includes matrix signal, variable message signs and loop sensor (MIDAS) data.

Private Sector TIH Publishers

Trafficlink Comprehensive travel news for every mode (road, air, sea and rail)

Case Studies / Services

AGMA (Association of Greater Manchester Authorities) AGMA (Manchester UTC) has been pulling information from the NTCC since the beginning of 2007 and utilise a Mott MacDonald CDMF system.

Devon Devon County Council have an operational Datex II link and are able to integrate VMS, traffic counters, journey-time information, road works and incidents from the NTCC into their Envitia CUTLAS UTMC system so that motorway and trunk road data can be viewed seamlessly with information from their own network.

Google During October 2008, Highways England were the first country in Europe to make its traffic data available to Google™ for use within the Google Maps™ traffic tab.

Kent Kent NCC have access to NTCC data via Datex II system feeds. They utilise an Envitia CUTLAS UTMC system. Link to Transport Direct & HA website is already present.

Lancashire – Preston (UTMC Case Study & CIVITAS – SUCCESS Project) They operate a Mott MacDonald CDMF system and they have been pulling event information from the NTCC since November 07.

Leicester City and County Council Long standing traffic and travel information provider and former member of the MATTISSE consortium and still maintain a system to system link. Leicester utilise a Mott MacDonald CDMF system.

Norfolk City & County Council Norfolk utilise a Mott MacDonald CDMF system primarily driving a car park system. They have a system to system link with the NTCC and take information from this link.

Nottingham City & County Council Nottingham has launched a revised Travelwise service. They have a partnership working arrangement between Nottingham City council, Nottingham County Council and Highways England.

Reading Borough Council (UTMC Case Study) A long standing UTMC practitioner utilising a Siemens Comet system and are currently working on a freight routing pilot project with the John Lewis store.

Sheffield City Council (South Yorkshire UTMC Case Study) Sheffield CC have completed the second phase of syITS, thanks to £11.6m of European funding, and are moving onto the third phase which makes use of the infrastructure created by the first two to deliver all the things promised in the second.

Warwickshire County Council Stratford has an international profile due to its associations with Shakespeare and the Royal Shakespeare Company, but is also well-known for its traffic congestion.

West Sussex County Council Travel Information Control Centre, located in County Hall, Chichester, opened in April 2006. Its purpose is to bring together a variety of traffic related systems into a dedicated operating environment.

York City Council (UTMC Case Study) The UTMC29 York project provided the first phase of the implementation of the City of York Traffic Congestion System (TCMS) that will be rolled out over a five year period to cover the entire City.

ITS MetaData Registry The Registry is a repository of data definitions and data models, with an associated supporting process for improvement of quality and for harmonisation across different systems. The registry aims to cut across work in isolated "silos" and avoid re-invention and duplication of effort.

To submit a new service to the Directory of Services, please contact the Administrator. Note all TIH members who wish to submit their services here must sign up to the Membership Agreement.

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