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What is the TIH Community?

The TIH Community is…
…an open and independent association of Information Publishers and Receivers who have an interest in exchanging travel information using an agreed set of Principles and Business Services organisations who support these exchanges.

As the number of information publishers increases, it becomes inefficient and costly to establish and maintain information exchange links individually.

By adopting common methods, as set out in the TIH Principles, a cost-effective and efficient approach to business-to-business travel information exchange can be achieved. Improving the flow from information publishers to receivers of travel information improve network and resource management, meets key Government requirements as well as importantly improving the quantity and quality of information services available to travellers.

How do I join the TIH Community?

To join the TIH Community at no cost, simply click here.

What guidance do the TIH Principles provide?

Specific guidance is provided on:

  • making a connection giving technical details of the Principles relating to business-to-business connectivity, interfaces and information format and content (for example what details are required to identify a location, what technology may be used to exchange the information, etc.)
  • setting up a travel information service by addressing issues such as different forms of agreements between parties to the information exchange, the availability of sample data sets to give an indication as to what information is available, and the provision of simple toolkits to help establish information exchange services.
  • operating a travel information exchange service using the TIH approach. Principles in this area address issues such as maintaining an entry in the catalogue of services (available on this website) and ensuring that the ownership and security of information is respected at all times.

Each of the TIH Principles helps to make the exchange of travel information easier, more efficient and more cost-effective by minimising the number of different approaches to information exchange across the industry.

How is the TIH Community constituted?

See: TIH Structure

What is the Directory of Services?

The Directory is a collection of TIH Publishers describing the information they have to offer including the format in which it is available and other details describing it such as frequency of update, hours of support etc.

How do I obtain access to Services?

The services available are listed in the Directory. A summary is available without logging in but for full details and contact information you will need to become a member of the TIH Community by clicking here.


Join the TIH Community for free.


For further assistance, click the Contact Us link to the left and email the TIH Helpdesk.

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