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DfT's Road Data Scoping Study Report

Road Data Scoping Study Report (final) Approved by DfT Executive Committee on 17 January 07

UK Transport Statistics from DfT

UK Transport Statistics

HA Information Strategy

Highways Agency Information Strategy sets out the Highways Agency’s information strategy to provide better information, more efficiently, to more people and the principles for achieving this.

DfT Transport Strategy

Department for Transport Strategy Papers

National Guidance Framework 2007

National Guidance Framework for Operational Activities between Local Traffic Authorities and the Highways Agency

National Transport Information Incubator (NaTII) project proposal

NaTII is the report of a pilot study which follows up some of the recommendations from the Science and Innovation Ministerial Committee's Data Grand Challenge, and the Power of Information review commissioned by the Cabinet Office. Part of the pilot study was to put a transport-related application through the NaTII environment so as to test that the process worked, and learn what form the final NaTII facility needed to take.

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