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Important Announcement

The TIH Wiki will soon be decommissioned. The new home for data services from Highways England is the subscriber pages of the new Traffic England website at http://www.trafficengland.com/subscribers.

Please email subscribersupport@nisjv.com with any questions.

National Traffic Information Service

Highways England is responsible for most Motorways and major A roads in England. Highways England has outsourced its National Traffic Information Service (NTIS) for seven years (2011-2018) to a joint venture between Mouchel and Thales, called Network Information Services (NIS) Ltd.

Update on Transformation

Whilst the new NTIS system is being developed, new DATEX II services have been released when available. Potential subscribers can use the following resources in order to evaluate those services and begin to develop their own traffic information systems and services in readiness for the full launch. The data services currently available are raw MIDAS Gold loop data, raw ANPR travel times, raw TMU loop data, processed traffic data and Network Model Update Notifications.

The full launch of the new system is planned for December 2015 at which time all of the remaining services will be available. This includes Events, VMS/Matrix Signal settings and filtering functionality for DATEX II services along with a historic traffic information service (see Daily Aggregated Traffic Data below) and delivery of Event updates by Email.

Data is available for free subject to acceptance of the Acceptable Use Policy. Full details can be found in the Directory of TIH Services.


Current services


An External Interface Design Document and associated NIS P TIH 008 User Guide is available describing all of the services available in the current release of NTIS. This includes both raw and processed traffic data (available now) and Events, VMS and Matrix Signal settings and the Network Model Update Notifications (available in December). Some sample data is available.

The latest Network and Asset Model v3.5 export is available in DATEX II format to locate MIDAS, TMU, ANPR, VMS and Matrix Signal equipment on Highways England's network.

Previous versions were:

The latest version of the DATEX II schema including NTIS extensions is available.

The NTIS Model External Interface Design Document describes the format, content and methods of receipt of the Network and Asset Model. This details both the Highways England's network and assets installed upon it. A description of rules employed to generate the NTIS Model can be found in NTIS Model Data Sources and Business Rules is available.

Future services (due December 2015)


Events, VMS and Matrix Signal settings and the Network Model Update Notifications will be available in December.


Event updates will be available via Email as described in the Email External Interface Design Document.

Daily Aggregated Traffic Data

All historic traffic information including Events, VMS/Matrix Signal settings and Traffic Data will be made available for download from a website and web service as described in the DATD External Interface Design Document.

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