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The Travel Information Highway uses a 'common practice' approach to the exchange of travel information. This means that we only adopt practices that are both relevant to all our members and conform to international standards.

The common practices we have adopted are collectively known as the TIH Principles.

What is defined by the TIH Principles?

To effectively exchange information, the format of the data needs to be agreed in advance. If the data doesn’t match exactly what the receiving system is expecting to see, the exchange will fail. Following the TIH Principles makes sure that we all make our data available in a common format and using common standards for locations, event types, etc.

The TIH Principles do not compromise your data ownership, nor do they imply a data warehouse, they just capture the agreed framework for joining many systems together over the Internet, setting out the rules for these key areas of data exchange:

  • The charging mechanism for data should be clearly described
  • Security levels should match the value of the data
  • Location references should follow international standards
  • The format of the data should be described adequately
  • Data should be published using XML (eXtensible Markup Language) for economy and ease of implementation

As you can see, there’s no mystique or complexity to the Principles – just some common-sense standards that we can all work with.

Click here for a list of the TIH Principles

What will the TIH Principles guide me through?

Making a connection?

Yes, the TIH Principles give comprehensive technical details of how to link your system to another information provider including interfaces, information format and content (such as how locations are identified), and what technology platforms can be used.

Setting up a travel information service?

Yes, by covering business issues like the types of agreements between exchanging parties and providing sample data to show what information is available. The TIH Principles also give details of several simple toolkits that have been put together to help new users to establish an information exchange services.

Operating an information exchange service?

Yes, by explaining how to make service visible to the world through the TIH Directory of Services and other marketing channels and by ensuring that the ownership and security of information is respected at all times.

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