Hidden Gems for Fishing Holidays in Dorset

Nestled on the southern coastline of England lies the charming county of Dorset. A gem in its own right, Dorset is renowned for its awe-inspiring landscapes comprising of Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage sites, verdant countryside, picturesque villages, age-old castles, and grandeur manor houses. While these features make Dorset a popular holiday destination, the beautiful county also cradles some of the most exclusive and isolated fishing spots, transforming it into a paradise for anglers. Comprising a generous range of river, beach, lakes, and sea fishing destinations, fishing holidays dorset Dorset outshines as a perfect get-away for fishing holidays. Here is a sneak-peek into some of the hidden gems for fishing holidays in Dorset.

1. Chesil Beach: Undoubtedly, one of the best sea fishing spots in the UK, Chesil Beach stretches 18 miles long from Portland to Westbay. Its pebbled shores serve as a natural habitat for numerous sea species like mackerel, cod, bass, plaice, and even ray. The accessibility to a variety of sea species fluctuates along the stretch, assuring an exciting fishing expedition throughout the year. With the surrounding dramatic coastline views, fishing at sunset is a delightful experience here.

2. The River Stour: Meandering through the pretty towns of Blandford Forum and Wimborne Minster, the River Stour is famous for barbel, chub, roach, and pike fishing. Beautiful and tranquil, this river offers a peaceful setting for angling enthusiasts, who can enjoy fishing while soaking up the stunning scenery. Permits may differ, so it’s wise to check local angling regulations before heading out.

3. Wrackleford Estates: The Wrackleford Estates is a private fishing enclave that offers a remarkable angling experience amidst a stunning natural backdrop. The estate has several lakes and around four miles of fishing rights on multiple rivers including River Frome, Wrackle, and Sydling. It is the perfect destination for trout fishing, where fishing lessons and equipment are available for hire.

4. Kimmeridge Bay: With its rocky ledges and clear, shallow waters, Kimmeridge Bay is an exceptional spot for lure fishing and fly-fishing for bass. Anglers can dig up their bait straight from the rock-pools or the low tide mark. The bay is part of a marine nature reserve, so ensure to practice Catch and Release angling here to conserve the ecosystem.

5. Charmouth: Positioned on the Jurassic coast, Charmouth is a fossil hunter’s sanctuary and a fantastic spot for sea fishing. Embrace the natural charm of the area and cast your line to capture a variety of species including Bass, Mackerel, Dogfish, and Smoothhound. Ensure to stay aware of the tide times, as the beach can rapidly cut-off due to the tides.

6. Wimborne and District Angling Club: Offering access to over 13 miles of river fishing on the Stour, the Hampshire Avon, and Moors River, the traditional yet friendly Wimborne and District Angling Club is a real gem. Packed with coarse and game fishing options, this site offers outstanding fishing opportunities that are sure to satisfy both novice and seasoned anglers.

To conclude, Dorset offers abundant fishing opportunities year-round and makes for an ideal destination for angling holidays. These lesser-known locations offer pristine natural beauty, a serene environment, and an intriguing diversity of fish species, promising a memorable angling adventure. But remember, whenever you fish, respect local regulations, respect the natural environment, and always practice responsible angling. This ensures Dorset retains its charm and continues to be the ultimate haven for fishing enthusiasts. Happy fishing!